The best Catholic resources for reaching young adults

A Great Value

Young Adult Ministry in a Box annual subscription for $249 (regular price: $299) includes:

  • Four seasons of new Step-by-Step programs (Lent, Summer, Fall, Advent)
  • Tools for building your ministry from scratch and growing your outreach to young adults
  • Access for one subscriber plus two additional users
  • New ideas for young adult ministry weekly
  • Consultation with a ministry mentor — two 45-minute sessions

Limited resources? No problem!

  • Save time and money when you receive new program ideas and tips delivered each week in an e-mail
  • Easy-to-use Step-by-Step programs for volunteers or staff
  • Compared to full-time staff and expensive conferences, Young Adult Ministry in a Box for $249/year (regular price $299) is an affordable alternative
  • Whether you’re a busy parish staff wishing you could expand your offerings for young adults, but just don’t have the resources, or a young adult volunteer starting something from scratch for your age group … Young Adult Ministry in a Box is for you!

Would you like a sneak peek of what’s inside? Check out a Step-by-step program. View a sampling of quick tips and weekly ideas for discussing scripture readings and talking about today’s news and current events with young adults. 

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