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Saints For Our Times

Week of September 3, 2018 | Posted on September 3, 2018

Joseph was born in 1603, at Cupertino in Naples. As a child, he already showed a fondness for ...

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Week of August 27, 2018 | Posted on August 27, 2018

St. Perpetua and Felicity

Perpetua and Felicity were two early Christian martyrs. They were imprisoned and martyred together in Carthage on March 7, 203 ...

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Week of August 20, 2018 | Posted on August 20, 2018

Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher

St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher were contemporaries, both intellectual, political, and spiritual leaders ...

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Week of August 13, 2018 | Posted on August 13, 2018

St. Maria Goretti

St. Maria Goretti was only 12 years old when she was brutally murdered by an attempted rapist in 1902...

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Week of August 6, 2018 | Posted on August 6, 2018

Pope Saint John XXIII

Pope Saint John XXIII (1881-1963) was an Italian, born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli.; He was elected to the papacy in ...

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Week of July 30, 2018 | Posted on July 30, 2018

St. Charles Borromeo

St. Charles Borromeo (1538-1584) was a major figure in the Counter-Reformation. Although he was a member of...

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Week of July 23, 2018 | Posted on July 23, 2018

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne (1769-1852) was born in Grenoble, France and entered religious life...

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Week of July 16, 2018 | Posted on July 16, 2018

St. Theodore Guerin

St. Theodore Guerin was born Anne-Therese Guerin in Brittany, France in 1798. She was a very devout...

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Week of July 9, 2018 | Posted on July 9, 2018

St. Benedict the African

St. Benedict the African (also historically referred to as Benedict the Moor), lived from 1524-1589 and was the freed son...

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Week of July 2, 2018 | Posted on July 2, 2018

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Born in 1774, Elizabeth Ann Seton is the first American to be canonized a Saint. She was a wife and mother...

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