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Saints For Our Times

Week of October 17, 2016 | Posted on October 17, 2016

St. Peter Claver

Peter Claver (1581-1654) was a Spanish Jesuit who spent his life ministering to the African slaves in the port of Cartagena, Columbia and beyond …

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Week of October 10, 2016 | Posted on October 10, 2016

St. Agnes of Assisi

Agnes was the younger sister of Clare of Assisi …

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Week of October 3, 2016 | Posted on October 3, 2016

St. Odran of Iona

Odran served as the abbot of the Irish monastery of Tyfarnham in Meath ...

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Week of September 26, 2016 | Posted on September 26, 2016

St. Teresa of Avila

St. Teresa of Avila (Feast Day: October 15) is one of three female Doctors of the Church and a prominent 16th century Spanish mystic ...

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Week of September 19, 2016 | Posted on September 19, 2016

St. Winifred

Legend holds that Winifred was the daughter of a Welsh nobleman in the 7th century …

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Week of September 12, 2016 | Posted on September 12, 2016

Blessed John Henry Newman

John Henry Newman (1801-1890) was an English thinker, writer, and Anglican priest …

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Week of September 5, 2016 | Posted on September 5, 2016

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-1690) is best known for receiving private visions that ultimately led to the practice of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus …

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Week of August 29, 2016 | Posted on August 29, 2016

St. Maximilian Kolbe

Maximilian Kolbe (1894-1941) was a Polish Franciscan with a special devotion to the Virgin Mary ...

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Week of August 22, 2016 | Posted on August 22, 2016

St. Benedict

St. Benedict lived at the turn of the sixth century and is honored as the founder of medieval monasticism ...

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Week of August 15, 2016 | Posted on August 15, 2016

 Taking his name from an exclamation by St. Francis of Assisi in his youth …

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