The best Catholic resources for reaching young adults

Quick Tips

Week of May 14, 2018 | Posted on May 14, 2018

Shelter the Homeless

Take action to help the poorer residents of your community own their own homes and escape the cycle of poverty ...

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Uncategorized | Posted on May 7, 2018

Caring for Creation

Gather the young adults for springtime, outdoor activities that also care for the planet!

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Week of April 30, 2018 | Posted on April 30, 2018

Clothe the Naked

Gather gently used or even new clothing for your parish’s clothing closet or another organization in your local community ...

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Week of April 23, 2018 | Posted on April 23, 2018

Give Drink to the Thirsty

People die every day because they do not have access to clean water and proper sanitation. It’s not impossible to have clean water …

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Week of April 16, 2018 | Posted on April 16, 2018

Feed the Hungry

As spring sets in, a larger number of people are outside and in more visible need of food. Taking an afternoon to help feed the hungry ...

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Week of April 9, 2018 | Posted on April 9, 2018

Connecting Young Adults to Faith Resources

Nurturing one’s faith outside of church with faith resources will likely invigorate one’s enthusiasm to get involved more directly ...

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Week of April 2, 2018 | Posted on April 2, 2018

Bringing Liturgy to Life

Many young adults are eager to learn about the traditions of the Church. Ask your pastor help you host a “teaching liturgy” event …

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Week of March 26, 2018 | Posted on March 26, 2018

Easter Welcome

There will no doubt be a lot of young adults headed to church Easter Sunday. Maybe on their own, maybe visiting with their families ...

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Week of March 19, 2018 | Posted on March 19, 2018

Nurture Your Creativity

Those working in young adult ministry could always benefit from new ideas. One way to be open to this type of creativity is to seek it out …

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Week of March 12, 2018 | Posted on March 12, 2018

Lenten Lectio

How does scripture speak to our experience? Gathering a group of young adults together to learn the ancient process of Lectio Divina ...

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