The best Catholic resources for reaching young adults

Quick Tips

Week of December 2, 2019 | Posted on December 2, 2019

Make Final Exam Care Packages

Do you have college students in your community? Work with your parish to provide care packages for their final exams...

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Week of November 25, 2019 | Posted on November 25, 2019

Making Advent Calendars

Make Advent Calendars for a local retirement community or an organization in your community that works with teens at risk...

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Week of November 18, 2019 | Posted on November 18, 2019

Stay Warm: Winter Clothing Swap

The weather is getting colder, so host a clothing swap that features winter gear...

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Week of November 11, 2019 | Posted on November 11, 2019

Host a Homeless Banquet

Many hungry people in our cities and towns are in need of meals, not merely on Thanksgiving, but often each day of the week...

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Week of November 4, 2019 | Posted on November 4, 2019

Practice Gratitude

For personal reflection or for your young adult group, use one of these resources from Busted Halo to nourish gratitude and recall the blessings in your life...

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Week of October 28, 2019 | Posted on October 28, 2019

Raising Awareness: Workshop on Poverty

Plan an evening workshop on poverty awareness to talk about the realities that the poor face in your community...

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Week of October 21, 2019 | Posted on October 21, 2019

Host a Haunted House

Invite young adults to turn the parish basement or another space into a spooky haunted house for Halloween...

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Week of October 14, 2019 | Posted on October 14, 2019

Pasta With the Pastor

Young adults want to know more about their pastor, the spiritual leader of their parish...

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Week of October 7, 2019 | Posted on October 7, 2019

An Offering of Talents and Skills

Surely, parish community members have talents and skills that meet the needs of young adults today...

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Week of September 30, 2019 | Posted on September 30, 2019

Partner With Other Church Groups

Share life experiences during these events so that you can connect to each other in a meaningful way...

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