The best Catholic resources for reaching young adults

Quick Tips

Week of November 12, 2018 | Posted on November 12, 2018

Thanksgiving Invites

Many young people have nowhere to go for Thanksgiving — especially if they are going to college or working far away from their families …

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Week of November 5, 2018 | Posted on November 5, 2018

Homeless Banquet

With Thanksgiving not far off, many hungry people in our cities and towns are in need of meals ...

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Week of October 29, 2018 | Posted on October 29, 2018

Technology Fast

Are we too tied to our mobile devices? Our computers? Even television? Challenge young adults to take some time away from their screens …

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Week of October 22, 2018 | Posted on October 22, 2018

Visit the Non-Profit Worker

Many young adults work for non-profit organizations and other industries that focus on human concerns …

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Week of October 15, 2018 | Posted on October 15, 2018

Haunted House

Invite young adults to turn the parish basement or another space into a spooky haunted house for Halloween …

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Week of October 8, 2018 | Posted on October 8, 2018

Pre-Halloween Retreat

Don’t we all wear masks sometimes? Some of us hide behind masks so we don’t have to show our vulnerabilities ...

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Week of October 1, 2018 | Posted on October 1, 2018

Pasta with the Pastor

Young adults often want to know more about their pastor, the spiritual leader of their parish. Consider inviting him as a “celebrity” to dinner ...

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Week of September 24, 2018 | Posted on September 24, 2018

Veterans’ Retreat

We often forget about our veterans. Many young adults have served tours of duty overseas …

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Week of September 17, 2018 | Posted on September 17, 2018

Student Care Packages

Want to welcome some college students to your parish? Make them a care package!

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Week of September 10, 2018 | Posted on September 10, 2018

Cultural Exchange

Does your church or a nearby one offer Mass in a different language? Attend it one Sunday and see how it is similar and different ...

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