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Week of December 15, 2014

Gift Giving News & Culture

Tis the Season! Gifts for your family, gifts for your friends and your boss...we make our lists and check them twice ...

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Winter Clothing Swap Quick Tips

The weather is getting colder, so host a clothing swap that features winter gear. Invite young adults to bring gently used clothes ...

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Relevant Readings

Nothing Is Impossible for God

Reflection Questions for the Fourth Sunday in Advent – Where in your own life have you seen impossibilities turn into possibilities? …

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Featured Activities

Stone Soup

Stone Soup is an activity that raises awareness among young adults about poverty and hunger …

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Saints For Our Times

St. Valerian of Abbenza

St. Valerian was the bishop of Abbenza, in North Africa. In 457, the Arian Vandals ransacked the town …

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Best Practices

You're Always Sending a Message

Be aware — at all times — of the messages you are sending to young adults and potential new members of your ministry, says Jessica Coblentz.

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We Recommend

God’s Great Dance Floor Step 01 (music)

God’s Great Dance Floor Step 01 (music)

God’s Great Dance Floor Step 01 is a wonderful fusion of pop, folk, and electronica …

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Comment by Black infrared 23 13s in Contact Mentors

This is a really great reflection! Being in a 2 and half year internship (with the potential for future employment, God willing), I have reflected on the impact I can make in 2.5 years in young adult ministry. At times, it does not feel like enough t...

Comment by cscmilarch in Leaving a Legacy

Excellent idea! We will try this one out for sure!

Comment by in Dinners for 8

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