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Week of April 21, 2014

#BostonStrong News & Culture

Today will the be first running of the Boston Marathon after the tragic bombings that occurred near the marathon's finish line last year ...

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Connect Young Adults to Faith Resources Quick Tips

Nurturing one’s faith outside of church with faith resources will likely invigorate one’s enthusiasm to get involved more directly with the parish community ...

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Relevant Readings

Divine Mercy Sunday

Reflection questions for the readings for Diving Mercy Sunday: How do you experience God’s mercy? How do you show mercy to others? …

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Featured Activities

Bike and Hike Retreat

This retreat is an opportunity for young adults to pray, reflect, and enjoy the great outdoors …

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Saints For Our Times

St. Mary Clopas

St. Mary Clopas

St. Mary Clopas is the mother of St. James the less and Joseph, one of the “Three Marys” who was present at Jesus’ crucifixion …

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Best Practices


Amy McEntee provides advice and information on networking in order to spread the word about your ministry …

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We Recommend

Virtual Earth Day Retreat (e-retreat)

Virtual Earth Day Retreat (e-retreat)

What is the spiritual meaning of creation? How can we appreciate God’s creation? Explore these Qs and more in this virtual retreat!

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Latest Comments

The young adults that founded Jerusalem Farm a few years ago are spirited Catholics with an attractive vision for living the gospel! Working with them is a unique opportunity, worth checking out!

Comment by mnieport in Jerusalem Farm (service project)

what inspires me about St. Paul is that he was able to call people to imitate him in imitating Jesus. He was able to do that because he fully confirmed his life to Jesus and imitated Jesus in his words and actions. he preached what he practiced. Aft...

Comment by in Persevere Until God’s Coming

This is a FANTASTIC idea! I'm in Pittsburgh and I'm going to do this at the Point in Point State Park.

Comment by StBernardYAM in Bible on the Beach

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