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Week of October 20, 2014

Nobel Peace Prize Winners News & Culture

This years Nobel Peace Prize winners are perhaps the greatest symbols of global unification we’ve seen in a while ...

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Technology Fast Quick Tips

Challenge young adults to take just one week off from technology outside of work. If this seems impossible, make suggestions like limiting cell phone use ...

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Relevant Readings

Vulnerability and Strength

Discussion questions for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Where do you need the Lord’s strength right now in your life? How do you ask for strength from the Lord? …

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Featured Activities

World AIDS Day

Learn how to be in solidarity with the more than 35 million men, women, and children facing HIV/AIDS worldwide …

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Saints For Our Times

St. Irene of Tomar

St. Irene of Tomar

Irene was born to a noble family in Nabância, present-day Tomar, Portugal. She was sent to a convent school …

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Best Practices

Make Marriage Prep Fun!

Mike Hayes explains that in order to have a young adult friendly parish, marriage prep must not be made into a chore.

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We Recommend

The Church of Mercy (Book)

The Church of Mercy (Book)

“The Church of Mercy” illustrates Pope Francis’ first year of papacy and contains a selection of his speeches, homilies, and papers.

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Excellent idea! We will try this one out for sure!

Comment by in Dinners for 8

What about being responsible to Church Teaching? Specifically about being sure your donation does not support the destruction of Human Lif, even if it is for a cure. the ALS association does use Embryonic Stem Cell Research. An alternative and Life a...

Comment by Al Forsythe in Ice Bucket Challenge

A very powerful article that says it exactly like it is! thank you for giving all women the voice they deserve!!

Comment by visitor in #YesAllWomen

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