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Week of October 27, 2014

Leaving a Legacy News & Culture

Legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has passed away at the age of 82. He left behind a wife, a son, an empire ...

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Pasta with the Pastor Quick Tips

Invite your pastor to a pasta supper where he can get to know young adults and hear about the needs they have for the spiritual leader of their parish ...

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Relevant Readings

Love in Spite of Ourselves

Reflection questions for the Commemoration of All Souls: As we celebrate the the Commemoration of All Souls, who is on your mind? …

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Featured Activities

Advent Service Retreat

Plan a service-focused retreat experience that will prepare young adults for Advent and plug them into a local parish …

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Saints For Our Times

St. Odran of Iona

St. Odran of Iona

Odran served as the abbot of the Irish monastery of Tyfarnham in Meath. He later left Ireland with a band of 11 others …

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Best Practices

Hanging Out

According to Amy McEntee, wherever the young adults are hanging out, the church should be there, too.

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We Recommend

Spooky Saints: St. Christina the Astonishing (Video)

Spooky Saints: St. Christina the Astonishing (Video)

With Halloween and All Saints Day approaching, it’s cool to find saints who bridge the gap between them, like St. Christina the Astonishing. Find out her story in this video!

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Latest Comments

This is a really great reflection! Being in a 2 and half year internship (with the potential for future employment, God willing), I have reflected on the impact I can make in 2.5 years in young adult ministry. At times, it does not feel like enough t...

Comment by cscmilarch in Leaving a Legacy

Excellent idea! We will try this one out for sure!

Comment by in Dinners for 8

What about being responsible to Church Teaching? Specifically about being sure your donation does not support the destruction of Human Lif, even if it is for a cure. the ALS association does use Embryonic Stem Cell Research. An alternative and Life a...

Comment by Al Forsythe in Ice Bucket Challenge

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