The best Catholic resources for reaching young adults

Week of July 21, 2014

Superhero Changes News & Culture

Marvel Comics has some big changes in store for its readers. How might the changes make these characters more relatable? ...

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Ministry Rooted in Relationships Quick Tips

One-on-one conversations with young adults can have a huge effect on their lives inside and outside the church ...

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Relevant Readings

Decisions, Decisions...

Reflection questions for the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Why is it sometimes difficult for us to follow God’s commandments? …

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Featured Activities

Camping Retreat

It’s not too late to plan a weekend camping getaway for young adults!

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Saints For Our Times

St. Bonaventure

St. Bonaventure

Taking his name from an exclamation by St. Francis of Assisi in his youth (“O Buona ventura!” meaning “O good fortune!”), St. Bonaventure is best known as a doctor of the Church, “the seraphic doctor” in particular.

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Best Practices

Peer Communities

Paul Jarzembowski explains that a peer community that shares similar values and beliefs helps to nurture faith …

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We Recommend

The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition (Book)

The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition (Book)

Love doesn’t just have to be romantic; Gary Chapman’s book examines all facets of love and relationships in our lives.

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Comment by mnieport in Ministry Shifts with Leadership

A very powerful article that says it exactly like it is! thank you for giving all women the voice they deserve!!

Comment by visitor in #YesAllWomen

The young adults that founded Jerusalem Farm a few years ago are spirited Catholics with an attractive vision for living the gospel! Working with them is a unique opportunity, worth checking out!

Comment by mnieport in Jerusalem Farm (service project)

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