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Week of August 25, 2014

James Foley and Prayer News & Culture

Last week, American journalist James Foley was beheaded by the Islamic State Militant Group, ISIS. He was kidnapped ...

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Labor in the Pulpits Quick Tips

Labor Day weekend may mean the end of summer and one last outdoor BBQ, but it also has great significance for our faith ...

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Relevant Readings

Faith in Action

Reflection questions for the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time: How can you show an example of your faith in action today? What makes it difficult to do so? …

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Featured Activities

Book Study

Plan for a fall book study using Epic Food Fight: A Bite-Sized History of Salvation as a guide …

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Saints For Our Times

St. Symphorian

St. Symphorian

St. Symphorian was born into a noble Christian family in Autun in Gaul. Though his family was Christian, the city of Autun …

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Best Practices

Integrating with the Parish

An important goal of young adult ministry is to connect members with the church and welcome them to the Christian community …

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We Recommend

The Ethical Vision of the Bible (Book)

The Ethical Vision of the Bible (Book)

Peter W. Gosnell’s work emphasizes how the different parts of the Bible encourage readers to think ethically about every issue.

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Latest Comments

A very powerful article that says it exactly like it is! thank you for giving all women the voice they deserve!!

Comment by visitor in #YesAllWomen

The young adults that founded Jerusalem Farm a few years ago are spirited Catholics with an attractive vision for living the gospel! Working with them is a unique opportunity, worth checking out!

Comment by mnieport in Jerusalem Farm (service project)

what inspires me about St. Paul is that he was able to call people to imitate him in imitating Jesus. He was able to do that because he fully confirmed his life to Jesus and imitated Jesus in his words and actions. he preached what he practiced. Aft...

Comment by in Persevere Until God’s Coming

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