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Week of July 27, 2015

Soothe the Mind -- Outdoors News & Culture

new study from researchers at Stanford University shows that taking a walk in nature improves our mental health

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Partner with Other Church Groups Quick Tips

Does your church have a Knights of Columbus chapter, seniors ministry, arts ministry or other adult group?...

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Relevant Readings

Bread from Heaven

Reflection questions for 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time.  How has God given you your “daily bread” today?

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Featured Activities

Vespers & Vino

Take advantage of the summery weather and plan an evening outdoor prayer service …

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Saints For Our Times

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

As a child, Joan heard the voices of Saints Michael, Catherine, and Margaret…

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Best Practices

Getting To Know You

Mike Hayes shares the importance of getting to know each other within your young adult community …

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We Recommend

Justice Awakening (book)

Justice Awakening (book)

Justice Awakening is a handbook for Christians who want to bring an end to human trafficking and modern-day slavery…

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Latest Comments

Oops! Good catch @saintlawyam. We've updated the image.

Comment by Barbara in St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

This image is of St. Francis of Assisi not Mother Cabrini. I am sure there is an image of her you could post instead.

Comment by saintlawyam in St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

This is a really great reflection! Being in a 2 and half year internship (with the potential for future employment, God willing), I have reflected on the impact I can make in 2.5 years in young adult ministry. At times, it does not feel like enough t...

Comment by cscmilarch in Leaving a Legacy

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