The best Catholic resources for reaching young adults

Week of September 15, 2014

Spiritual Fitbit News & Culture

What if we were to design a "Spiritual Fitbit" device to help us get our spiritual lives in shape?

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Practice Good<br>Record Keeping Quick Tips

Good record keeping can benefit young adult ministry in many ways. By maintaining tidy records of past programs and calendars ...

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Relevant Readings


Reflection questions for the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time: When, in your life, have you grumbled against God’s will? Did you realize that God’s ways were for the better?

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Featured Activities

Local Pilgrimage

Hit the road and plan a local pilgrimage with young adults to a site of religious significance …

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Saints For Our Times

St. Joseph of Cupertino

St. Joseph of Cupertino

Joseph was born in 1603, at Cupertino in Naples. As a child, he already showed a fondness for prayer …

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Best Practices

Finding Young Adults

Young adults are seeking spiritual formation outside of Sunday Mass. It is important to know where to reach them …

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We Recommend

Zion (music)

Zion (music)

The Australian band, Hillsong United has dropped another groundbreaking and passionate worship album, Zion. The fresh and current sound …

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Latest Comments

What about being responsible to Church Teaching? Specifically about being sure your donation does not support the destruction of Human Lif, even if it is for a cure. the ALS association does use Embryonic Stem Cell Research. An alternative and Life a...

Comment by Al Forsythe in Ice Bucket Challenge

A very powerful article that says it exactly like it is! thank you for giving all women the voice they deserve!!

Comment by visitor in #YesAllWomen

The young adults that founded Jerusalem Farm a few years ago are spirited Catholics with an attractive vision for living the gospel! Working with them is a unique opportunity, worth checking out!

Comment by mnieport in Jerusalem Farm (service project)

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