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Saints For Our Times

Week of January 26, 2015 | Posted on January 26, 2015

Saint Vincent Pallotti

Saint Vincent Pallotti was born in Rome in 1795. After years of theological study, he was ordained a priest at the age of 23 ...

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Week of January 19, 2015 | Posted on January 19, 2015

Saint Anthony the Great, also known as Saint Anthony the Abbot, was born in the middle of the third century in Egypt ...

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Week of January 12, 2015 | Posted on January 12, 2015

Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys was born in Troyes, France, in the early 17th century. In 1653, she traveled to Villa-Marie, Canada ...

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Week of January 5, 2015 | Posted on January 5, 2015

Saint Berka Zdislava

Saint Berka Zdislava was born in the Czech Republic in the early 13th century. It is said that Zdislava once attempted to run away from home at the age of 7 to become a hermit ...

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Week of December 29, 2014 | Posted on December 29, 2014

Caesarius was originally a rampant sinner and dissolute. He even ended up fathering and raising Eudoxius, who Baronius would later call “the worst of all the Arians” ...

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Week of December 22, 2014 | Posted on December 22, 2014

Zeno, a soldier and regimental commander under Emperor Maximian, was martyred because of his Christian beliefs ...

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Week of December 15, 2014 | Posted on December 15, 2014

St. Valerian was the bishop of Abbenza, in North Africa. In 457, the Arian Vandals ransacked the town ...

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Week of December 8, 2014 | Posted on December 8, 2014

St. Maria Giuseppe Rossello

At the age of 16, Maria joined the Third Order. After seven years of service to a wealthy, childless couple, she wished ...

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Week of December 1, 2014 | Posted on December 1, 2014

During the Elizabethan period, Richard Langley gave priests asylum in his home. He even built an underground retreat ...

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Week of November 24, 2014 | Posted on November 24, 2014

Born in Vietnam in 1755 as Bernard Due Van Vo, not much more is known about St. Bernard ...

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